Snagit in the Engineer’s Toolbox


Couple months ago, I was asked by a Global Product Development Director of a multinational automotive company how Snagit, the software I am part of the development and maintenance team, can help improve the engineer’s productivity.

So, I realized that as an Engineer myself, I use Snagit on a daily basis to improve my communication with other team members, report bugs visually, or even build a quick tutorial for other engineers and for myself for future reference.

So how do I use Snagit as a Software Engineer?

1. To capture pieces of code, add some notes on it so whoever I am asking for help over chat/email is able to visualize and understand my problem.

2. To quickly demonstrate to the User Assistant wherein the product we need a new string input because a button was added to the User Interface.

3. Report bugs by recording step by step how the product is crashing,  then I create a GIF, that is supported by Github issue posts.

4. To record and document testing, this way Quality Assurance does not need to perform the same test again, they can focus their time to explore edge cases that were not covered on acceptance criteria or other environments.

5. Create a quick technical tutorial for myself and other team members using the Combine Images Feature

While talking about Snagit functionalities with a Mechanical Engineer, he was amazed by the Capture with Panoramic Scrolling feature. Panoramic capture is extremely useful for him since he is able to easily capture large high-resolution designs that do not fit on the whole screen and share it with customers or other team members that do not necessarily need the project file, but just the drawing of the design itself.

Here is an example of Capture with Panoramic Scrolling to snap an AutoCAD Design with high resolution:


Being a productive Engineer is tightly correlated with good communication, and Snagit has been helping me to facilitate teamwork by allowing me to represent my thoughts and analysis through annotated screenshots, short videos, and GIFs.